Big Bend National Park

– October Storms.

You send forth Your Spirit, they are created; And You renew the face of the ground. - Psalm 104
October In Big Bend: Casa Grande Peak
Casa Grande Peak, Big Bend National Park, TX

Big Bend National Park, nestled in the southern heart of Texas, is a favorite among our national parks. October, it seems, dons a crown of unparalleled beauty upon this rugged terrain. The temperatures, cooling like a gentle breath, usher in an enchanting respite from the summer’s scorching embrace. By this time, the desert, kissed by the nourishing autumn rains, transforms into a vibrant green tapestry. It was in the early days of October in the year 2023, that I hatched a plan for a photographic escapade, synchronized with an impending storm system. And let it be known, my expectations were far from disappointed.

As my vehicle carried me toward the park’s majestic embrace, the clock struck 2:30 pm, and I found myself traversing Fort Stockton, Texas. The stage was already set for the impending meteorological spectacle. Mere minutes beyond the town’s boundaries, on the unfurling ribbon of Highway 385 that leads to Big Bend, I witnessed a colossal phenomenon. Initially mistaken for a fast-moving, low-hanging cloud, it surged across the horizon, a West to East tempest with boundless energy. As it reached the highway, raindrops pelted my vehicle sideways, a relentless onslaught that soon gave way to hailstones of increasing size. I was compelled to pull over, my car cowering under the assault, the ferocious wind threatening to upend it.

Thus, my voyage into the heart of Big Bend commenced, inaugurated by the elemental fury. Little did I foresee that this photographic expedition would unfurl as one of my most epic adventures yet.

Arriving at the Chisos Mountain campground, I found myself gifted with a couple of hours before the sun’s descent. In proximity to the campgrounds and the welcoming lodge, a brief and gentle hiking trail beckoned. From this modest elevation, the surrounding mountains unveiled their regal majesty. Vernon Bailey Peak, Casa Grande Peak, and the towering Emory Peak, the park’s zenith at an awe-inspiring 7,832 feet, stood sentinel in the ever-changing light. And, as ever, The Window offered a captivating tableau that never fails to captivate, especially at sunset.

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Tx
Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, TX

The night unveiled itself in a symphony of thunderstorms, each crescendo yielding to the next. Long before the first rays of dawn kissed the horizon, I embarked on a mission to capture the Mule Ears, a subject that had graced my lens on numerous occasions but now begged for a moodier portrayal. Beneath the lingering clouds of sunrise, I at last framed a hauntingly beautiful composition.

With the sun’s ascent, the clouds yielded to its radiant command, dissipating their presence across the entire park. Yet, a magical exception danced around the Chisos Mountains, where the mountains’ lofty peaks conspired to preserve an unbroken stream of fluffy clouds, cloaking them like a dense, ethereal fog. The wind conducted this symphony, driving the clouds across the mountaintops. At intervals, sunlight would pierce through, painting the peaks with a celestial brush, and the result was a sight that transcended words.

Distant vistas of the Chisos Mountains beckoned, and I reveled in the sensory delights of a child set loose in a candy store. Two hours before the sun’s graceful descent, I found myself once again near the hiking path, close to the lodge. The canvas of the sky displayed clouds of wondrous variety, and the sun cast its blessings upon the peaks at strategic intervals, illuminating them with a heavenly radiance. Each click of the shutter captured a moment of exquisite beauty, and I was left spellbound by the unfolding spectacle.

In hindsight, embarking on this journey with stormy predictions had proven to be a gamble of the highest order, one that bore fruit in the form of moody, dramatic masterpieces. Without a doubt, this expedition ranked among my most cherished adventures in the grandeur of Big Bend National Park.

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Tx
Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, TX
Vernon Bailey Peak, Big Bend National Park, Tx
Vernon Bailey Peak, Big Bend National Park, TX

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