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Let’s make it easy. Here is all you need to know about prints from Mansfield Photography.

Texas Fine Art Prints - Bluebonnets
Framed Print Example ⓒ Mansfield Photography

Overview of Prints

If you’ve been shopping for your business or home, you’ve probably discovered the easiest decision in the process is choosing the composition you like. Now that you are at the point of deciding ‘how’ you would like to print your image, this page should help you learn about the printing options available at Mansfield Photography. And as always, contact me if you have any questions that need to be answered.

For my Texas Landscape Photography, I offer Fine Art, Framed, Metal, Acrylic, and Wood Prints.

Prints are offered either “Ready-to-Hang” or “Loose” (where customer supplies mat/frame).

Print Sizes

Print size options range from 4×6 to as big as 40×60, with sizes in between. If you are looking for a size not offered on the website, particularly sizes beyond 40×60, please contact me as they need special handling.

My Personal Print Preferences

There are many different mediums for Art Prints. I offer a few at Mansfield Photography, with my focus here to write about 1) Fine Art Paper (loose or framed), 2) Metal Prints, and 3) Acrylic Prints.

When it comes to Fine Are Paper, all are good choices. You really can’t go wrong! However, I have some personal preferences based on my experience. By default, I gravitate to a matte (no gloss) type of finish. Most images with earth tones, darker tones, black and whites, etc., I will use a matte type of paper. But there are times where I will gravitate towards a luster or gloss type of finish. When an image is strong in pastels or strong in bright colors (like flowers) I will generally use a luster of glossy type of Fine Art Paper.

If I am looking to make a Metal or Acrylic Print, any style works well. By default, these two mediums will display the art with more of a glossy sheen. Every image I have printed has looked terrific on these mediums. For Metal Prints, I usually choose the “White Base” over the “Clear Base”. For Acrylic Prints, there is only 1 option, so that’s an easy choice.

These are my preferences; you may find you have different preferences for your prints. But I hope this gives you a good starting point while you consider what medium you will use for your print. For more detailed information on the different types of prints, keep reading below.

Fort Worth Stockyards H3 Ranch
Fort Worth Stockyards H3 Ranch
Fort Worth Stockyards Sign
Fort Worth Stockyards Sign
Fort Worth Stockyards Hotel
Fort Worth Stockyards Hotel

Fine Art Prints (Loose)

Texas Creeks And Ponds Gallery
Texas Creeks and Ponds Gallery

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints are produced at the highest archival standards. They’ll be loved by those who already appreciate fine art and are looking for that museum-quality product. Printed through a process known as Giclée, water-based pigment ink is laid down in tiny dots on the surface of cotton or cellulose papers. 

Papers are Acid-free, pH-neutral papers. Fine Art Prints are inkjet printed with archival pigment inks that significantly enhance the visual brilliance of both color and black & white images. These inks also have a substantial longevity that keeps your images beautiful for generations.

  • 100% plant-based, acid-free, and pH neutral
  • Inkjet printed with archival pigment inks that will last over 100+ years
  • Nine ink colors allow for more accurately represented images with a wider dynamic range
  • Deeper darks and more shadow detail

Fine Art Papers:

  • Smooth Matte – Hot pressed, 100% cotton. Surface has a smooth finish. (0.43 mm thick)
  • Photo Rag Baryta – Elegant sheen with warm whites, rich blacks and a high-gloss finish (0.50 mm thick)
  • Torchon – Watercolor paper by Hahnemühle. Surface has a distinct texture. (0.50 mm thick)

Framed Prints (Ready-to-Hang)

Framed Prints
Ready to Hang

Framed Prints

This gives an image the presentation it deserves with remarkable, handcrafted frames.

FRAME Options

  • Gallery frames are a classic choice for modern displays with minimalistic and clean lines.
  • Metal frames are made from colored aluminum for a metallic finish. The sloped moulding creates a contemporary look that fits well on any wall display.
  • Wood frames are beautifully hand-crafted, real hardwood frames. With the timeless quality of a wood finish, Wood frames are a classic choice for modern displays.

PAPER Choices

  • Smooth Matte – Hot pressed, 100% cotton. Surface has a smooth finish. (0.43 mm thick)
  • Photo Rag Baryta – Elegant sheen with warm whites, rich blacks and a high-gloss finish (0.50 mm thick)
  • Lustre – A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors and excellent skin tones.
  • Deep Matte – True non-reflective matte paper great for skin tones, soft images, and black & whites.
  • Torchon – Watercolor paper by Hahnemühle. Surface has a distinct texture. (0.50 mm thick)

MAT Choices

  • No mat
  • White mat
  • Black mat
  • Double white mat
  • Double black mat

Metal Prints (Ready-to-Hang)

Metal Prints
Ready to Hang

Metal Prints

Metal Prints represent an art medium for preserving photos. They are a lightweight option with an exceptional look. Images are printed on high-quality aluminum using an innovative dye sublimation process for an impressive display that stands the test of time. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily – just avoid direct sunlight.

White Base Metal Prints take your bright, vivid colors to the next level. It’s exceptional for skin tones and creates a dynamic range of colors for all images, including nature shots and animals. Meanwhile, Clear Base Metal Prints show the raw brushed metal through your image, great for more edgy and industrial subjects.

Metal Prints give your home décor an ultra-modern feel. Brighten up any workspace with sleek, stylish, contemporary art. No matter where they are displayed, Metal Prints will steal the show.

These metal prints come in matte or high gloss finish. Metal Prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and come ready to hang with a metal float mount.

Acrylic Prints (Ready-to-Hang)

Acrylic Prints
Ready to Hang

Acrylic Prints

Using fine art quality Glossy inkjet prints and crystal-clear acrylic, Acrylic Prints provide exceptional detail reproduction for all types of photography, including portraits and landscapes. 

Display a large Acrylic Print on its own for a stunning statement piece. Group multiples together for a compelling wall collage. Acrylic Prints are printed directly on a 1/4″ acrylic glass surface with a black styrene backing. Acrylic Prints arrive with an easy to hang Float Mount.

Contact Me:

  • If you’d like more mounting and framing options.
  • If the size you seek is not listed, including larger sizes.
  • If you are seeking other Fine Art Paper Choices
Steinhagen Wall Print Example At
Steinhagen Wall Print Example at
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