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Mansfield, Texas

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My Home Town

Mansfield Texas is my hometown, and hence the name of my business.

The town has been growing fairly rapidly. Where it once felt detached from the DFW Metroplex, it now feels as if we’ve been attached. It still holds the small-town charm and it is a great place to live, with excellent schools for our kids.

When I first moved here, the downtown section was a wreck. I remember thinking I would have loved to buy the entire downtown, renovate it, and make it a destination for the locals. Of course, I didn’t have the money, but one can dream, right?

Downtown Mansfield today looks night and day better than it did in 2002. There are some great restaurants, and the city frequently holds events in the city center.

Mansfield is Great for Photographers

Mansfield Texas is a great place for photographers. I live close to Joe Pool Lake to my east, and to the south I have open country. In this gallery I have a mix of downtown and local landscape photographs I have taken. Quite a few more local landscape photos can be found in “Britton Park” and “Creek, Ponds, and Water“.

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