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Creeks, Ponds, and Water

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Creeks, Ponds, And Water - Stock Photos Ⓒ Mansfield Photography
Creeks, Ponds, and Water – Stock Photos ⓒ Mansfield Photography

Creeks, Ponds, and Water – yep Texas has it all! I write this tongue in cheek as I had a relative fly into Texas for the first time and was surprised about how much water there was in the state as seen from the air. If you’re not from Texas, perhaps the state has a reputation as being dry and arid.

If you live in the far west & south of Texas, you may believe that to be true. Looking at the Central and East parts of the state, there is plenty of water. I grew up in California, and one thing that struck me when I moved to Texas in 2001 was the amount of rain the state receives, and not just during certain seasons, but year-round. Pick a month, any month, and it isn’t surprising to see a boatload of rain. But as anywhere else, the state does go through droughts. And while droughts are harsh, they are a part of nature that is normal and needed.

When searching for photographs that are of water, well, it’s nice to have it else I’d need to rename this gallery to something else.

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