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Britton Park Mansfield, TX

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Britton Park - Stock Photos Ⓒ Mansfield Photography
Britton Park Sunrise ⓒ Mansfield Photography

Britton Park is located in Mansfield, TX, but it is managed by the city of Grand Prairie. It isn’t as much a park as it is a parking lot with a boat ramp for Joe Pool Lake. When Joe Pool Lake was built by the Army Corps of Engineers, they wanted all parks adjacent to Joe Pool Lake to be managed by one city. That city turned out to be Grand Prairie. The city of Mansfield does have Britton Park on its radar, so here’s hoping Mansfield becomes the manager in the future. Grand Prairie really hasn’t done anything with this park. It would be nice to see Mansfield take over and invest some money here.

As a photographer, I can’t complain about Grand Prairie’s neglect as Britton Park is rarely crowded. If you are looking for good access to put your boat or kayak into the lake, this is it. As for photography, this is an excellent sunrise location, while the evening can be a good time to catch reflections. This is not a great sunset location.

Give Management of the Park to the City of Mansfield

If visiting, the posted hours are 6am-10pm, and closed for the season from October through February. However, I have found the gate to be haphazardly open and closed throughout the year. It should be open 24/7, year ’round, which shows Grand Prairie’s complete lack of commitment to the park. Between that, Grand Prairie doing nothing with the park, and the physical location being in Mansfield, the city of Mansfield should take over management. Let’s hope it happens.

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