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Skin & Blemish Retouching

Properly retouching skin and blemishes in post-processing is a skill most photographers have not mastered.


Processing Skin: The Good and the Bad

Regardless of whether your skin is flawless or has some blemishes, whether your skin is young or old, retouching the image in post-processing makes the photograph really pop. The process is identical for those with nearly perfect skin or those with blemishes. 

The process starts with minimizing any imperfections, and then smoothing the skin to make the image stand out. This process can be misused, and it often is, to a degree where the people in an image look fake. When misused, the person looks horrible and unnatural. That’s the ‘Botox’ picture, YUCK!

The skill here is to improve the skin with results that look real and natural. We strive to remove imperfections while maintaining and improving the natural appearance of a person.

Four Examples of Our Work Improving Skin

  • See the difference: Send us an image of yours, and we will process it for free.

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